Know the Features Of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Remote desktop protocol is designed for secured and encrypted data transfer between the users, devices and virtual network server. It is a Microsoft protocol and it facilitates any remote user to add graphical interface on any other computer’s desktop. RDP works with multiple LAN’s and topologies. It also supports many data channels with multipoint transmission. This allows a user to connect to a computer that runs Microsoft Terminal Services. The function of RDP includes initiating connections, data transfer between clients and servers and negotiation. It is also used on non-Microsoft platforms like Linux and UNIX.

Services offered by RDP

RDP provides its support for the following services.

  • Data encryption of mouse and keyboard.
  • Audio, printer, port and file redirection.
  • Sharing of clipboard between local client and remote server.
  • It facilitates the remote applications to run on client machines using remote desktop connection.

Reboot a Windows XP computer using RDP

There are projects done for small and medium sized organizations. When the budget is less for smaller projects then the network infrastructure is limited and the effect of this is that the hardware and software does not work with the way it is designed for. The example of such situation is that the license is not offered for a Windows server and so using Windows XP professional or Windows XP Home for running central file and database server. This cannot be used for a Microsoft active directory domain controller but can be used for other types of server. But when the Windows XP is accessed through Remote Desktop Protocol it does not have log off or reset option and the only way is to shut down the server.

RDP port forwarding

The most interesting feature about windows product is that the remote desktop services. It is possible to forward ports through routers in network setup. When you have a port number you can just go into router and forward that port. Once the desktop remote service is enabled it will work from outside the network as long the IP address is known. To enable remote desktop you can use the option remote user and now RDP is enabled on the machine. The other option is that you can go into the router and specify external port number and then pointing that to the port number of the machine. This method is time saving and easy.

Remote desktop service – easy to access from outside

This method is a type of service that allows accessing a computer that is not available to you nearby. You can access the files, use the applications and network resources on the other computer using the control given to you. It is used for administrative applications and sometimes for other computer functions too. This RDPs service will work when all the computers are connected in the same network either wired or wireless. The wireless routers will use internet connections and wired will use direct connections or routers. The advanced security protocols are used in both wired and wireless for the purpose of safety and to avoid piracy. RDP will encrypt the data before transmitting and the usage of this is widely increasing.